New Couple, First Holiday

So I’ve been thinking a while about writing about mine and Chris’s journey because I’m quite a memory hoarder. I like to capture memories, receipts, train tickets and everything else we do.

When it comes to our relationship Chris and I are very opinionated  so when choosing a holiday, it wasn’t an easy choice. I wanted a relaxing holiday by the beach with an amazing pool and Chris wanted a sunbathe by day drink by night kind of holiday. I’m not much of a drinker so I wasn’t really interested. We met in the middle with this holiday and decided on Egypt,  Sharm El Sheikh, Domina Coral Bay Aquamarine. It seemed PERFECT.  We were literally counting down the days.

Balcony views did not disappoint

Things Sharm El Sheikh has to offer 

Tiran island, the most beautiful clear water you will ever see and the sea life underneath will not disappoint either.  We armed ourselves with an underwater camera snorkels and off we went. Honestly book yourself a trip and witness the beautiful coral reef….thank us later.


Aqua Park, because  it wouldn’t be a holiday without taking a trip to the water park right? There are two water parks in Sharm but we chose this one as it was closer to our resort. For a small fee, you are granted entry free food and drink for the duration of the day. Music and WI-FI were also part of the bundle so who can complain right? We even found time to FaceTime mum and dad.

Entry of the water park.

Mcdonalds DELIVERY.  YESSS you read that right, three years ago getting your Macdonalds delivered to your hotel on holiday was MAJOR. I’m still not over it. Their menu however is strictly chicken, no pork allowed, but who the hell cares IT DELIVERED.

Ice bar, located in the new and somewhat westernised part of Sharm el Sheikh. The only Ice Bar in the desert so it’s kind of a big deal. Of course we had to go, booked ourselves a cab, only through the reception otherwise you never know who you will get. The only way I can describe the venue is someone’s front room in -5 conditions. You get given massive blue coats for warmth and a free drink at the bar and left to awkwardly stare the other people in the room until you finish your drink. For us it was only a one time thing, something that we wouldn’t do again.

Is it dolphins?

We have made it tradition to go in to every Hard Rock Cafe and Egypt kick started this for us. This time round we went to the old part of Egypt and we were not sure what to expect so was a bit weary with our belongings. We were warned about the shop owners making you buy their products, so we avoided eye contact at all times. It’s a beautiful place to visit as a tourist especially in the evenings, there are plenty of cafes and shisha places to choose from with many having shows on. The shopping is great but be prepared for all the fake goods that they claim to be real.

What sign do you see first?

Hard Rock Cafe was amongst all  the shisha Cafes and stuck out with the massive sign brighter than everything else. We didn’t eat dinner, we just tried all the cocktails, we’re on holiday right. My favourite part is walking away with their free glasses. Winning!!!!

TAKE A BOAT TRIP… when we booked this excoursion we were immediately told that we will be needing out passports on the day as we will be going near  military ground ( water) . When we went, Egypt wasn’t the safest place and we almost cancelled going so when I heard this I wasn’t very keen. I was pleasantly surprised however, the yacht was beautiful and the staff were very friendly.  We took a mini bus to the harbour and were told to have our passports ready so they can be inspected by the military waiting for us.  On board, the package included food, drink and WI-FI, I mean I was over the moon haha. There are many different companies out there offering the same service however my only advise to you would be to book with a company that is secure and not the men walking around on the beach.

I’m on a boat

Despite the fear at the time of going to Sharm, we couldn’t have faulted this destination as a holiday for a couple on a budget.  Sharm, we were told by a taxi driver, is a place built just for tourism, many workers leave their family behind to come and earn a living here during peak season. They go months and months without seeing their family so keeping people coming back each year is their prerogative. Go out there, support their local tourism, you will not be disappointed. Your needs will be met with a smile on their face.


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