About Us

Hey guys, soooo I wanted to introduce ourselves and give you all a bit of an insight to our life, how we met and how we continue to be the cringest couple there ever was hehe…

We first met in work, and it wasn’t love at first sight I tell ya!!! He hated me and I hated him… but they do say there’s a thin line between Love and Hate and I couldn’t agree more now. Fast forward three years on and we are about to tie the knot and I’m about to change my surname to MRS VASSILIOU. So I’m Megi, originally from Albania, so naturally I love anything and everything Mediterranean. I however have most certainly not inherited my parents love of the heat and the ability to tan without burning.

Celebrating our first ever Christmas .. ahhh young love

My other half is Chris, you might have noticed the rather unusual surname, you were correct he’s just as Mediterranean as me originating from Cyprus ( the Greek side, Larnaca). Born and raised in London with a Greek speaking father and a  Lithuanian mother. Our kids are going to love being so diverse, hopefully they will catch the lingo from me or their grandad. Chris is the most beautifully unique person I have ever met, his collection of Lego is beyond managable & his new obsession at the moment is with Pop Vinyl…. maybe I will share his every growing collection soon with a separate blog post.

The universe has brought us together in the most unromantic way but I couldn’t imagine living my life without him besides me. He shares my dreams and makes them come true in every way possible, I have honestly hit the jackpot with this one. I wanted to start this blog mainly to keep track of all our travels and anything we do for the future when we are old and wrinkly, if anyone out there wants to read our journey as a youngish couple, getting places and doing things on a budget ( saving for a wedding you see) this is where you will find our recommendations. Enjoy!!